Poetry Pens

She was born
A few countries away from Rome,
Far from the Mile high state
She now calls her home.
With a young married couple
Traveling hours on a plane
She was adopted in the year 2000
And given a different name.
Coming to her new house
She had a love for climbing trees.
She enjoyed life’s little moments,
They came as they pleased.

With a loud family of six,
There was always time for fun-
Skiing, hiking, and camping-
With occasional burns from the sun.
She had two brothers, one sister,
But no pets to be found.
Her siblings loved to wrestle,
They would tackle her to the ground
Who doesn’t love a little family bonding?
They meant the world to her.
They meant the world to her,
Until something stopped corresponding.

More time passed
And her siblings moved out.
She would go to school
With so much self-doubt.
It was a time of struggle
But ended totally
When she discovered her talent
To naturally write poetry.

She began to think
Until her thoughts would rhyme
And that’s how it was created:
The words for every line.
The smallest things
Or the tune of an old song
Led her to grip the pencil
To write a poem that was too long.
But that’s the beauty that she later discovered:
This random talent got her through,
And even helped her recover.

She hasn’t stopped writing
She’s a poet undercover.
No one knew she could rhyme like this,
Not even her own mother!
Oh, wait… oops, I told a lie,
Some of that’s not true
Because her best friend read her poetry.
She was the only one who knew.
Well, now I must be a liar
I’ve committed a sin
But I can’t blow her cover!
People might turn her in.

Now you know
That poetry is my passion
It has been for nearly
Six years in action.
My life has been mellow
And I love all my friends,
I even love my crazy family
I love everything when I have my poetry pens.


The Greatest Showman – Movie Review

I want to recommend everyone to go see The Greatest Showman!
Ever since I saw the trailer, I couldn’t wait to see it in theaters! With a great variety of actors/actresses and what looked like a fantastic storyline, I went into the viewing of the movie with anticipation and excitement. Within the first minute of the film, I got shivers! This film introduces an incredibly peppy soundtrack that capitalizes on the theme of “dreaming with your eyes open.” With the help of each musical piece, the film maintains a certain tone portraying a combination of self-love and confidence no matter what your appearance or social status is. From Hugh Jackman’s previous performance in Les Miserables as Jean Valjean, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed with his execution in The Greatest Showman.

Yes, this movie is considered a musical. Not many people are big fans of musical productions in cinema, but as I kept watching, I forgot I was watching a musical. The gaps between each song are perfectly spaced out in a way that avoids dousing the audience in an overwhelming amount of musical performance in one scene. Unlike Into The Woods and The Last Five Years, the songs are placed between specific dialectic scenes to emphasize the tone and emotion of the situation. Other musicals are basically a visual soundtrack. Not only are the songs catchy, but they are also composed in a way that touches the audience.

This film is successful at allowing the audience to identify with the characters. In other words, many personalities are presented in this film ranging from hard-working fathers, forgotten children, and shunned commoners. Many of the characters belong to unaccepting and unloving families. Others are rejected and mocked by the public. Though none of these characters have upbringings full of fortune and wealth, they prove that the greatest fortune is being yourself and fully accepting yourself for the way you were made. Though the freaks of P.T. Barnum’s Circus have constant problems with being treated as normal people, they realize that nothing is actually “wrong” with them. They are special, unique, exquisite creatures and that makes them beyond normal. Normal is boring anyway! No matter who you are, nothing is impossible, especially putting a smile on someone’s face. This film definitely left me smiling.

I’ll leave it at that. I strongly recommend you see the movie to experience the true inspiration that was The Greatest Showman.
(Just make sure you get your tickets ahead of time, the movie is actually selling out in some theaters!)

What Are You Afraid Of?

I bet you know this by now, but I am very interested in fears and phobias.  I was searching around and found this incredible artist (Shawn Coss) who portrays phobias in such a creative way.  Some of the images are a little graphic, but nothing too explicit.  I hope you find these images as intriguing as I do.  Sometimes I do research on phobias and how the mind interacts with fear when I’m bored (nerd alert).  One of my friends once asked me why I write about fear so much.  Though fear is more of a negative subject, my posts are not necessarily on the negative side; they’re about how relatable these fears are and how you can easily conquer them.  In addition, I find it easier to write about frightening, depressing subjects.  Most of my posts are titled with a certain phobia to educate the audience of that fear’s name and to shed a light on the basic topic of the post.  In a way, they are therapy sessions by explaining the phobia and thinking of ways to overcome it.  The reader is both the patient and therapist. Now, enjoy these chilling illustrations!

Arachnophobia – fear of spiders


Scopophobia – fear of being stared at


Cherophobia – fear of happiness


Somniphobia – fear of sleeping


Claustrophobia – fear of confined spaces


Coulrophobia – fear of clowns


Trypanophobia – fear of needles


Agoraphobia – fear of crowded places


Kenophobia – fear of empty spaces


Athazagoraphobia – fear of being forgotten


Ecclesiophobia – fear of churches


Eisoptrophobia – fear of mirrors


Chronophobia – fear of the future


Blennophobia – fear of slime


Philophobia – fear of falling in love


Pyrophobia – fear of fire


Epistemophobia – fear of knowledge


Automatonophobia – fear of human-like figures


Trypophobia – fear of holes


Bogyphobia – fear of the bogeyman


Thalassophobia – fear of large bodies of water


Tocophobia – fear of childbirth


Ophidiophobia – fear of snakes


Apotemnophobia – fear of amputation


Verbophobia – fear of words


Nyctophobia – fear of darkness


Emetophobia – fear of throwing up


Taphophobia – fear of being buried alive


Pediophobia – fear of dolls


Necrophobia – fear of death


Hylophobia – fear of forests




Scotomaphobia – Fear of Going Blind

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” – Helen Keller

Have you ever met a blind person? Do you know how they interact with their surroundings? Have you realized that they are just normal people without sight? Just because someone is blind doesn’t mean they are any less of a person than those with sight. In fact, our brain can “perceive” what we think we see.  Blind people have changed the world in many areas such as music, politics, science, art, and sports because they won’t allow their absence of sight to prevent them from inspiring society in different ways! The world has been incredibly impacted by the courage and talent of these visually impaired people. Take Helen Keller and Stevie Wonder for example. They are stuck in an everlasting darkness, but they are talented musicians and writers. Through their work, they have inspired many, giving hope to the blind and deaf, and encouraged those with sight that anything is possible. Both public figures had a vision for the future, and they can’t even see!

Life is too short to not make some sort of a difference in the world, whether it be a big or small act. Many people just see the world as it is; they simply observe the world and how their lives are changed by others. Yet, they aren’t the one changing others’ lives. They have sight but no vision. There needs to be more dreamers in this bland world. More who are willing to have a vision for the future and strive to peruse that vision in order to make the world a better place for everyone. It all starts with a single thought. Whether you’re blind or not, you can envision a better tomorrow!