Melophobia – Fear of Music

Music is one of the most beautiful things in my life at the moment. So, I wanted to share some of my favorite songs with you. I tried to choose one song from numerous musical artists I listen to and love. My favorite genre is Indie-pop so many of these songs fall into that category. Also, I tend to listen to new artists that many people haven’t heard of because I love to find something new instead of listening to what everyone else is listening to. I have to thank some of my high school and college friends for also introducing me to some of these incredible artists! I will leave a short description of why I love the artist of each song and whatever else I feel you should know. I hope by doing this, I can expand your options in music and increase your appreciation for new music!

1. Done For Me (feat. Khelani) – Charlie Puth

So, many people already know of Charlie Puth but he came out with a new song! I actually just found this song a couple days ago and I find it so boppin’. I’ve always loved Charlie because he has a certain melody that is so unique compared to other music. His range is incredible and you can hear pieces of his other songs in this one. Kehlani has also been coming out with some new music! This would definitely be a fun song to blast in the car!

2. Mine – Bazzi

I found this song on Instagram in a snippet of a video. I thought it was really sweet and then I heard the chorus and I fell in love. This song is shorter than most songs but it’s so cute and really fun to sing along to. It seems like this guy mostly sings about love (just like everyone else does) but it’s different from all the mainstream love songs. Check out more of Bazzi’s songs, especially Beautiful.

3. Spoken For – The Holdup

I really have to thank one of my college friends for this band. They have a reggae swing and many of their songs are so catchy. It was a challenge to choose just one song from them to put on this playlist. But I feel like this song fully represents what this band mostly sounds like. After hearing their song Nothing’s On Fire in my friend’s car, I ended up listening to their whole album from 2016 – Leaves in the Pool. If you enjoy this vibe, find more of their music on their page.

4. Outside – Bea Miller

This girl amazes me because she’s only 19 but the messages behind her music and her voice seem so mature (at least to me). I picked this song because the more you listen to it, the better it gets. The chorus has a great swing and the use of piano and electric guitar is so complimentary. Many of you probably already know of her, but I wanted to share this song because it illustrates how wide her range is and how sassy she can be. Every time I go out for a walk or just need to be alone, I usually end up playing this song. I would recommend checking out her songs S.L.U.T. and Girlfriend.

5. Polygraph Eyes – YUNGBLUD

Don’t be deceived by the catchy tune of this song because it’s actually a song about sexual assault. At first, the artist sounds like a more grungy version of Ed Sheeran. But you have to keep listening to the lyrics. This song is both beautiful and heartbreaking because they made a song out of the story, where you can clearly visualize each part. In case you didn’t quite understand it, it’s about a girl who got too drunk at a party and some random guy took her to his place. He sexually assaulted her and when she tried to tell her boyfriend, he didn’t believe her and thought she was just messing around with other guys. I can find appreciation for this song, though, because there aren’t many songs written about these issues (unless they’re a rap song). If you found this song interesting, check out more of their music on their page. I don’t know much about the band but I’m sure they have other great songs.

6. Wake Up – EDEN

EDEN’s music can break my heart in so many ways. He usually writes many slow, emotional songs but they really touch your heart at the same time. This specific song reminds me of my best friend because I used to play this song all the time on my drive home from her house. But much of EDEN’s music starts out slow and builds up to a climax. I would recommend listening to his music if you need a good cry. Honestly. It really does help. EDEN is one of my favorite artists personally and this is only one of many wonderful songs he has written.

7. Stoned On You – Jaymes Young

Yet another one of my favorite artists! He also reminds me of EDEN because he writes very emotional music but it’s more psychedelic and happy. His music has more of a swing and catchy beat. Jaymes Young also uses strange instruments and sounds to add to his hallucinatory music. The good thing is that you can listen to his music whether you’re in a good mood or not and it’ll make you feel better either way. Check out some of his other songs like Infinity and Come Back For Me.

8. What About Everything? – Carbon Leaf

My oldest brother introduced me to this band and I fell in love with their voices. This kind of music is more Celtic but they have written some wonderful songs that I keep close to my heart. This specific song was the first song I heard from them and dearly admired the vocals and harmony. It sounds like a strange song, but it’s really just about the game of life. Their other music is just as catchy, so if you think you like them, see what else they’ve written.

9. Brazil – Declan McKenna

I discovered Declan on the radio when I was going to school one day. Not many people know of him but he’s an interesting artist. He writes about a lot of social and political issues but all his songs are so cheerful. For such a young artist, I’m surprised by what he sings about and how each of his songs has a slight 90’s sound. Brazil was one of the first big songs that got him noticed more in the music industry. If you enjoy the sound, see more of his songs on his page.

10. Dead – Madison Beer

One day, I heard my roommate listening to this song and I fell in love with how techno/jazzy it sounds. Madison has a beautiful voice and her other songs are just as groovy. I feel like this would be a good song to listen to if you’re having relationship problems or if you’re having a crappy day. Sometimes listening to negative music when you feel negative helps you feel better because the music lets out your emotions for you. It’s weird, but it works for some people. I don’t know much more about her besides that she has an interesting name, but I recommend listening to more of her sassy, devious love songs.

11. Leftovers – Dennis Lloyd

I’ve only heard two songs from this artist, but both of them were so rhythmic! Similar to Madison Beer, Dennis has a jazzy swing, beginning the song with one instrument and a snap. But as the song progresses, more instruments are added in to add more power to the song. He has very laid back music that is still moving enough to lightly head bop to the songs. Maybe enjoy a drink or smoke while listening to this song. If you ever wanna feel cool or badass, listen to more of his music.

12. Red Cold River – Breaking Benjamin

Thanks to another one of my college friends, I fell in love with Breaking Benjamin. This music isn’t for everyone since it’s a rock band (but it sounds more like heavy metal/screamo in some parts). I love this band, though, because you can still hear what they are saying, unlike a lot of screamo music. Their music is also emotional and it actually has melody, whereas other songs in this genre just sound like noise. This song could be good motivation music for working out and running. If this song doesn’t quite do it for you, I would suggest listening to their song, Diary of Jane, because it is a softer song.

13. Honeybee – Steam Powered Giraffe

Besides the funny band name, this group has some of the most adorable music I’ve ever heard. The most you listen to this song in particular, the more you find appreciation for all the different uses of harmony and melody! I would recommend listening to this song first and then checking out the music video. The video is so weird that some people can’t decide if they actually liked the song because they were too distracted by the strange characters in the video. This group is oddly creative, though, in the way they dress and perform. Some of their other songs are more fast-paced and kinda sound like jitterbug songs. If you enjoyed this, there more where that came from on their page!

14. Without You – Oh Wonder

Maybe many of you have heard of Oh Wonder, but if not, welcome! This band has two main singers who usually sing every song in sync. It makes for pretty vocals and ties their music together. Like some of the other artists, they write emotional songs, but they have a certain beat that still makes you want to dance. Their signature sound is pop with a techno twist. If you ever need a study break or need to relax for a little, put their music on and get lost in the sound! Luckily, they are on tour again, so if you liked this song, check out their new music and get tickets!

15. & 16. IDGAF and Last Dance – Dua Lipa

Sorry, but I had to break the rules and add two of Dua’s songs. Hopefully, many of you have heard of her because she is climbing the charts of all the music billboards. Dua is my #1 favorite female artist and has become one of the most inspirational musical artists in my life (so, I’m sorry, but I have a lot to say about her). Her music is not mainstream. Her voice is so unique that it emphasizes the emotion and tone of every song. Whether it be a poppy upbeat song or emotional deep song, her music touches me. Regardless if I can relate to her story, I can feel connected to her and her story. I get so emerged in the emotion of the song. Her entire album has a soft nostalgic feel to it but at the same time, it captures you in the moment of the melody. Every specific bass drop and lyric in her songs are so specifically put together. Dua definitely has a talent for making people share the emotions and feelings she had with the production of each song. It makes you feel as though you are with her, relating to her hurt or happiness or loneliness in each verse and chorus. Her music gives you the feels (and I know that sounds dumb, but it’s so true). It makes you want to cry. Dua’s music is so interesting, though, because each song could either be a calming emotional coast or a jam to blast through the speakers. Every song builds up to make you feel more emotional with every line and lyric. You could say that it’s easy to fall into your feelings when listening to her music. But it’s such an incredible feeling because her music isn’t typical. She doesn’t talk about sex and love in an explicit way. Instead, she rather reveals the more beautiful parts of love. Her music is different in that it isn’t materialistic. We are stuck in a materialistic world of music where every other song is about the same dirty love story using different words and vulgar lyrics. It’s mind-numbing to be surrounded by that kind of media all the time. That’s why I’ve strayed from the radio and find music that will actually speak to me; music that is meaningful and that breaks away from the norms and expectations of the music industry. To be able to relate to a song through pure emotion without having that same personal experience takes a lot of talent. That talent comes so naturally to Dua. She is different in a good way and inspires people not only through the message of her music but with the melody, tune, rhythm, and vibe. I strongly encourage you to listen to more of her music because you just might find your life’s theme song and a new inspiration! Dua will be on a summer tour in 2018. Get tickets now!

17. Trouble Sleeping – Corrine Bailey Rae

If you’re looking for a little “feel good” music, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been listening to Corrine since I was 15. She usually makes really relaxed, dreamy music. Even to this day, I swear I’m going to play her song, Like A Star, on my wedding day because it’s the perfect love story/slow song. Her music makes you want to sway to the rhythm. It’s really easy to get lost in Corrine’s music, but that’s the best kind of music! Check out this jazzy girl on her page.

18. Can’t Get Enough – Basenji

Welcome to the beautiful world of EXTREMELY catchy music. This song might sound familiar to some of you because it is the opening song for the movie Nerve. It was love at first sound so I searched the song and listened to it roughly… 13 times in a row. Since this song doesn’t have many lyrics, it is also a great song to study with (in my opinion). I encourage you to check out more of their music because I guarantee it will make you tap your foot!

19. Paris in the Rain – Lauv

Lauv is a fairly new artist but more and more people are starting to listen to him. I discovered him from an Indie genre youtube channel. His voice is so serene and great to sing along with. Lauv has lots of catchy, adorable songs. He makes a lot of music that also builds up to move his audience in a beautiful way. I recently saw him on tour and his performance is so exciting! Check out his page, especially his song Easy Love.

20. Dirty Water – Marc E. Bassy

If you’re looking for a bop, then let me introduce you to Marc. Once again, I have to thank my college friend for unconsciously playing this amazing music in his room. Every one of Marc’s songs has a powerful swing/hook that can give you goosebumps. His music will make you wanna sway your head side to side with it’s hypnotizing rhythm and bop to the beat. If you really wanna feel the drop of a great, chilling hook, listen to Marc’s song You & Me, feat. G-Eazy or Plot Twist. Hope you enjoy!

21. Such A Boy – Astrid S.

This is another artist that I don’t know too much about, but this song is so wonderful. Astrid caught my eye… (or, ear, I guess) because, at the hook, only gentle instruments play. I find that interesting because songs usually add more instruments in their hook to build up to the chorus. Aside from that, this song is a rollercoaster of range and rhythm. I believe she’s starting to get noticed by a bigger audience, but if you haven’t heard of her, I’m glad I could share this song with you. I’m sure Astrid’s other songs are really great as well!

22. Keep My Head Afloat – Jeremy Zucker

Jeremy, my friend! Jeremy goes to college in Colorado and has been writing since he was about 16. I also saw him in concert – he opened for Lauv. Many years back, I discovered Jeremy on the same indie youtube channel I found Lauv on. I like how he uses a different melody than most songs and that many of his choruses are techno combinations. This song was super easy to pick to put on this playlist. Just wait till the pre-chorus, you might fall in love! If this music grooves you, listen to his other songs!

23. Alone Together – Rook1e, Chris Wright, Olivia Herdt

Alone Together is another song that I played on loop for so long. The story is adorable and the beginning vocals are gorgeous. How can you not fall in love with a voice like that? At first, this song sounds like it could be played at a fancy restaurant but the verses introduce melodic rap. Rook1e takes other movie dialogue and creates a song out of them: he’s pretty talented. I admire music like this because it’s a love story, but the kind of story that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. This would be a perfect song for a sunny/rainy/cloudy day. Find more of his sweet songs on his page.

24. Your Eyes – Joey Pecoraro

Now, here is some good study music! Similar to Rook1e, Joey occasionally takes movie and film dialogue and makes music out of it. This is more of the music you would hear either in an elevator or fancy hotel. His music has minimal lyrics so it’s great for concentration and relaxation. He uses the piano in a lot of his songs and his music is also perfect for napping. Seriously. One time, my friend took a nap so I played Joey’s music at a quiet volume and when she woke up, she said that music helped her clear her mind and sleep. If you’re looking for more instrumental, calming music, Joey is the guy for you and his other songs will do you justice!

25. & 26. The Good In Me and Jungle – Jon Bellion

Yet another artist that I had to break the rules for. Jon is my #1 favorite male artist. He is definitely not mainstream but I hope you can appreciate that. He has such an interesting way of making music. In an interview, he explained that he can’t read music notes to save his life. He makes all his music by what sounds good. Jon will add instruments in random places instead of in a normal 4 or 8 count pattern. The first song I ever heard by him was Jungle in my brother’s car. I thought it was a super strange song, but the more I listened to it, the more I began to move my foot to the beat. For all of his songs, he generally uses a beat pad and generates his own sounds, which is why there are many random yelps and shouts in his music. It’s incredible, though, to watch him create a song because he knows exactly what he wants it to sound like. On top of that, he has never written a single lyric down, it all comes out naturally. Jon is honestly one of the most talented people I know and I was so honored to see him in concert back in 2017! Aside from his surreal sound, his lyrics and messages behind his music are so emotionally moving (in a good way). Check out more of Jon’s music if you enjoy this distinct sound and want something to really get lost in.

27. Prom Queen – Molly Kate Kestner

The first time I heard this song, it reminded me of the show 13 Reasons Why for some reason. Molly isn’t very well known by anyone but she has a wonderful voice that fits the tone of all her music. I loved the use of piano in this song and I love hearing how sassy/cynical this song is. Molly is different because she has a deeper voice, but I honestly find that really admirable because I feel like you don’t hear many deeper-voiced female artists out there. Funny story: I listened to this song on the night of my senior prom and it really set the mood (that prom wasn’t so great). Anyways, check out more of her songs, especially I Don’t Know.

28. Baby Girl – SMNM

This is one out of two songs that I’ve heard from this artist. But I really enjoy the soft, somber sound of his music. This music definitely tugs at my heartstrings with its dragged out instrumentals and mysterious chorus. If you enjoy these vocals and this kind of music, check of SMNM for more.

29. Night Like This – LP

I remember I found this artist by accident. I saw a music video with Brittany Snow (one of my favorite actresses) on the thumbnail and it happened to be Into The Wild by LP. This girl has one of the strangest, most unique voices I’ve ever heard and her vertebrata is absolutely incredible. She’s also a pro at whistling. Much of her music is upbeat like this one and super cute. Her music is perfect for road trips and adventuring. Check find more of her crazy music on her page.

30. Trouble – Never Shout Never

Out of all the adorable ukulele songs, this is in my top 5. This guy’s vocals are so gentle and calming in a way that perfectly compliments his ukulele solos. Plus, the story of all his songs is just so cute. They are a cheesy, feel-good sort of story. I find it funny that he changed his appearance and style because now he looks like an emo punk rock boy. If you saw him, you wouldn’t think he was the kind of guy to write sweet songs like this one! If you want to listen to lovely music, check out more of Never Shout Never!

31. Love Won’t Sleep – Lostboycrow

Sometimes, I think this song could be like a techno lullaby. I’ve only heard two songs (including this one) from this artist, but I like his indie style. This music could be for when you just need to take a walk –  it’s nice to have on your mind. Similar to other songs, they build up to the chorus by adding more drum progressions to the pre-chorus. This music is great for relaxing and stimulating the mind. Check out more of their songs on their page.

32. Make You Feel Loved – CADE

Goodness, Cade’s voice is so pretty. His music is a little more mainstream when you get to the chorus with his use of a techno pattern instead of actual lyrics. This song is a jam to play in the car! His other song, Care, is similar to this one and just as boppin’. Every time I hear this song, I just envision city lights. Cade’s music might not be for everyone, but if you enjoy it, find more on his page.

33. Someone Like You – The Girl and The Dreamcatcher

Thank you to my best friend for introducing me to this cute duet group. This song is probably one of the cutest stories because it’s not quite sugarcoated like a lot of perfect love songs. They sing about the possibility that things won’t go perfectly, but the relationship could still work. Both artists have lovely voices that mesh well together to make heartwarming music. Their harmonies will be the death of me! Find more of their songs, especially Make You Stay.

34. Guru – Coast Modern

I discovered this group in high school a couple years ago and have even hung out with this group and their family! Coast Modern was on the Alt Nation radio station and their use of strange instruments drew me in. Their very first song, Hollow Life, is another one of their groovy songs. This was also the first song I made a lyric video for that has reached over 74K views. I’m honored to promote them through my youtube channel and on this blog post. They generally make calm, beachy music. So check out their page and share them with your friends!

35. Primadonna – Marina and the Diamonds

I’ll admit, I said this girl’s name wrong for so many years… oops. I’m sure many of you know of this artist but I wanted to share this song because it’s just so extra. Anyways, one of my childhood friends introduced me to this song at the beginning of high school and I remember yelling at her “why haven’t you shown this to me before?!” This music seems like it’s more for the girls than the boys, but it could be for everyone if they enjoy this sassy, spunky genre. This is one of my favorite songs to blast in a car because it feels like you’re at a crazy party. To be honest, I also play this song when I want to feel dramatic/theatrical. It’s super fun to dance to. Since this is probably a familiar artist to a lot of you, enjoy the rest of her music.

36. Crybaby – Melanie Martinez

I hope many of you have heard of this girl. Once again, my childhood friend showed me this artist. We listened to Melanie’s song Dollhouse. I remember sitting in her room, staring at the ceiling. I started feeling so sad but so intrigued by the story. After listening to her other music, I fell in love with the genre and her character. She started out on The Voice and chose Adam Levine for her coach. After the show, she went on to make her own music. Melanie is quite the character… specifically the character of CryBaby. She sings very dark songs but simplifies the level of her lyrics as if a young child is writing them. Her first album is an entire story of her life told through the character of CryBaby. Most of CryBaby’s experiences are things that Melanie has gone through, but some of them are just stories about social issues. She wrote songs about sexual assault, plastic surgery, and imperfect family life. Some of her songs sound so happy and upbeat (like Playdate) while others have a creepy tune (like Carousel). But her style is so different than any other artist I’ve listened to, so I admire this strange girl. She will be coming out with a new album soon. If this seems like something you might like or you’re just looking for something extremely different than any other genre, listen to more of her music.

37. Puzzle Pieces – Saint Motel

I found this band on the Alt Nation radio station too! They usually have a piano in all of their songs. They are an interesting band because they also sing about social issues but the tune is so joyful sounding that you almost forget about what the issue is. This specific song is about plastic surgery and (in my opinion) it gets funnier the more you listen to the lyrics. It’s also a little disturbing if you think about it. But all of their songs have such a catchy hook that you just gotta listen to the whole song. See more of their music on their page.

Thank you for letting me share! I hope you found something new to listen to!


Thantophobia – Fear of Losing Someone You Love

I miss you.
Although I see you every day, I feel as though I haven’t seen you at all.
You take me back to that Blink182 song.
You know which one I’m talking about.
You love that band and that genre of music.
Many times I wish nothing had changed between us because I loved what we had.
Our simple friendship.
It was something to reminisce about.
Weeks and months to follow, I still daydream of the moments we shared.
Especially after that one traumatic night.
It was just you and I.
We had the whole night to ourselves and although it had beaten me down, I hoped moments like that would never stop.
Goodness, do you even know how happy you made me?
In the course of seven months.
Do you know how much you made me laugh and feel something again?
I know you haven’t felt happiness in a while, but you had to have felt something in those moments we had.
I know you.
So what if some things are different now?
I still understand you and what you feel.
It’s strange to say “I miss you” even when you are 5 feet away.
Maybe you won’t understand this but you’ll be intelligent enough to know that this is for you.
In the silence of your room, I wonder if you still think of me.
I wonder many things about you but I’ll never let you know.
Please just sober up and come back.
I don’t want things to change so quickly.
I just want us.
Just for a little while longer, if you’ll let it be.
I miss you.