Coulrophobia – Fear of Clowns

Have you ever gotten so fixated on a book, movie, tv-show, or person (fictional or real) to the point where it’s the only thing you think and talk about? If so, then great because that’s where I’m currently at! I’ve gotten hooked to a familiar clown character. You know her, Batman despises her. She’s the Cupid of Crime, the Maid of Mischief. That’s right, I’m talking about

Harley Quinn

Formerly known as Harleen Quinzel, this DC villain was a person of interest for me this past week. I finally got the chance to watch Birds of Prey which follows Harley’s journey right after she breaks up with the Joker. (Check out the Trailer!) I also have to add that Margot Robbie’s performance is incredible!

(To watch online, visit

After watching the movie, I thought it was suitable to listen to a podcast about the film (because who doesn’t love podcasts? Lots of people, I know). I went over to NPR’s episode of Pop Culture Happy Hour to get some second opinions. It turns out they loved the film just as much as I did! Not only that but at the end of each episode, they have a segment called “what’s making us happy this week.” Glen Weldon of NPR’s Arts desk shares that he’s interested in a show called Harley Quinn on the DC Universe streaming app. It is a cartoon show that is NOT meant for kids. 81z3o+phwTL._RI_Similarly to Family Guy, this animated series is meant for more mature audiences but still possesses the perfect amount of action and adult humor that it’s not considered downright “inappropriate.” I personally cannot stand shows and movies that are based solely on sexual content. While this show makes some sexual jokes, it never shows sexual content and I appreciate that. Each episode is around 20 minutes and has a focused plot (I only discovered it two days ago and already finished the first season). So if you’re searching for a new show that’s got action and relatable, sarcastic humor, then look no further!

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I definitely recommend this show and Birds of Prey to any DC Universe fans out there! It gives you a chance to watch some great content and to cheer for the villains (who might not be villains after all). Enjoy!


The Greatest Showman – Movie Review

I want to recommend everyone to go see The Greatest Showman!
Ever since I saw the trailer, I couldn’t wait to see it in theaters! With a great variety of actors/actresses and what looked like a fantastic storyline, I went into the viewing of the movie with anticipation and excitement. Within the first minute of the film, I got shivers! This film introduces an incredibly peppy soundtrack that capitalizes on the theme of “dreaming with your eyes open.” With the help of each musical piece, the film maintains a certain tone portraying a combination of self-love and confidence no matter what your appearance or social status is. From Hugh Jackman’s previous performance in Les Miserables as Jean Valjean, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed with his execution in The Greatest Showman.

Yes, this movie is considered a musical. Not many people are big fans of musical productions in cinema, but as I kept watching, I forgot I was watching a musical. The gaps between each song are perfectly spaced out in a way that avoids dousing the audience in an overwhelming amount of musical performance in one scene. Unlike Into The Woods and The Last Five Years, the songs are placed between specific dialectic scenes to emphasize the tone and emotion of the situation. Other musicals are basically a visual soundtrack. Not only are the songs catchy, but they are also composed in a way that touches the audience.

This film is successful at allowing the audience to identify with the characters. In other words, many personalities are presented in this film ranging from hard-working fathers, forgotten children, and shunned commoners. Many of the characters belong to unaccepting and unloving families. Others are rejected and mocked by the public. Though none of these characters have upbringings full of fortune and wealth, they prove that the greatest fortune is being yourself and fully accepting yourself for the way you were made. Though the freaks of P.T. Barnum’s Circus have constant problems with being treated as normal people, they realize that nothing is actually “wrong” with them. They are special, unique, exquisite creatures and that makes them beyond normal. Normal is boring anyway! No matter who you are, nothing is impossible, especially putting a smile on someone’s face. This film definitely left me smiling.

I’ll leave it at that. I strongly recommend you see the movie to experience the true inspiration that was The Greatest Showman.
(Just make sure you get your tickets ahead of time, the movie is actually selling out in some theaters!)