Thantophobia – Fear of Losing Someone You Love

I miss you.
Although I see you every day, I feel as though I haven’t seen you at all.
You take me back to that Blink182 song.
You know which one I’m talking about.
You love that band and that genre of music.
Many times I wish nothing had changed between us because I loved what we had.
Our simple friendship.
It was something to reminisce about.
Weeks and months to follow, I still daydream of the moments we shared.
Especially after that one traumatic night.
It was just you and I.
We had the whole night to ourselves and although it had beaten me down, I hoped moments like that would never stop.
Goodness, do you even know how happy you made me?
In the course of seven months.
Do you know how much you made me laugh and feel something again?
I know you haven’t felt happiness in a while, but you had to have felt something in those moments we had.
I know you.
So what if some things are different now?
I still understand you and what you feel.
It’s strange to say “I miss you” even when you are 5 feet away.
Maybe you won’t understand this but you’ll be intelligent enough to know that this is for you.
In the silence of your room, I wonder if you still think of me.
I wonder many things about you but I’ll never let you know.
Please just sober up and come back.
I don’t want things to change so quickly.
I just want us.
Just for a little while longer, if you’ll let it be.
I miss you.

Scotomaphobia – Fear of Going Blind

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” – Helen Keller

Have you ever met a blind person? Do you know how they interact with their surroundings? Have you realized that they are just normal people without sight? Just because someone is blind doesn’t mean they are any less of a person than those with sight. In fact, our brain can “perceive” what we think we see.  Blind people have changed the world in many areas such as music, politics, science, art, and sports because they won’t allow their absence of sight to prevent them from inspiring society in different ways! The world has been incredibly impacted by the courage and talent of these visually impaired people. Take Helen Keller and Stevie Wonder for example. They are stuck in an everlasting darkness, but they are talented musicians and writers. Through their work, they have inspired many, giving hope to the blind and deaf, and encouraged those with sight that anything is possible. Both public figures had a vision for the future, and they can’t even see!

Life is too short to not make some sort of a difference in the world, whether it be a big or small act. Many people just see the world as it is; they simply observe the world and how their lives are changed by others. Yet, they aren’t the one changing others’ lives. They have sight but no vision. There needs to be more dreamers in this bland world. More who are willing to have a vision for the future and strive to peruse that vision in order to make the world a better place for everyone. It all starts with a single thought. Whether you’re blind or not, you can envision a better tomorrow!