tHORNY Roses – Poem Analysis

good Evening, little Primrose

your leaves make me bleed

you’re thornless, I suppose

planted with blood on your seed

This is a special poem of the week because it’s the first time I’m going to explain the significance. Even though this is a short poem, I will explain what every line means and show you where the easter eggs are.

The most general idea of this poem is that this flower represents a human’s personality from their leaves (attributes) to their thorns (negative characteristics) and the way they are planted (behavior).

First off, I intentionally made every line lower case to emphasize an easter egg in the first line. The only capitalized words in this poem are “Evening” and “Primrose” and this roseeis because there’s actually a flower called the evening primrose (left). As you can see, this flower looks like it has thorns on its stem, but really, the leaves are just super pointy. From a distance, this flower may look intimidating, but it’s not.

This became a message that appearances are different from far away compared to up close. That’s why the second line is “your leaves make me bleed.” Although the leaves aren’t sharp, they look like they could cut someone and do some damage. This line is also a play on words: “leaves” represent goodbyes. When someone says goodbye, they leave your side and that can be painful sometimes. Similarly, when you get cut deep enough to bleed, it’s also painful.

Again, this whole poem focuses on the outward appearance. In the third line, the writer is talking to the flower, or the person the flower represents. It’s written in a tone that is unsure and somewhat condescending because although there is nothing harmful on this flower, it still looks like there is. Therefore, the writer is being cautious of its interaction with this plant. 

This brings us to the last line: planted with blood on your seed. This has two meanings. If a seed is planted with blood on it, that means it’s an unpure seed. The way I see it is that a bloody flower can either be good or bad. It can represent a plant that is full of life and literally contains “a mother’s touch” or it will wither because a seed that is grown by blood instead of water won’t blossom.

Now that you know the significance of this short poem, you can understand that it essentially represents the essence of human life. People are either innately virtuous or evil but you have to dig to the roots to find out which one they are.

Thanks for reading! I’m glad I could share this explanation into my intricate thought process when writing a poem. (Not all my poems require this much thought though – sometimes they have no meaning at all) ☻