Theologicophobia – Fear of Theology

I remember the day I met you;

It was in a daydream six years ago

In a small meadow that I laid in to rest.

The meadow was surrounded by trees on every side.


At first, I didn’t see you,

All I saw where the vibrant flowers;

They swayed in the gentle wind.

Everything was at peace in the serene evening.


I sat up and gazed over the tall grass.

That’s when I saw you.

More radiant than an Angel, you were standing

On the other side of the meadow.  


Though you seemed to be a mile away,

I saw your face as clear as day.

As I stood up, you noticed me

And revealed a smile that melted the world.


We stood there, staring at each other.

I had an overwhelming feeling of affection in my heart,

It hit me so suddenly with incredible force,

Similarly to waves crashing on the rocks by the shore.


You began to approach me

And closed the space between us

With each step you took,

You started to age backward.


You stood nearly seven feet away,

You were so close that I felt myself tremble.

I looked into your magnificent eyes

While everything else disappeared.


“Do not feel lost, my child,

For you are mine and you are home.

Follow me and I will be your stronghold.

Come. Rise and walk by my side.”


You held out your hand for me to take.

Suddenly, a burst of light illuminated your body.

It shined as bright as the sun,

It was so radiant I couldn’t see anything.


A moment passed and the light dimmed.

You were far away now,

On the other side of the meadow again.

I wanted to run after you but stayed still.


You gazed at me one last time,

And as you did, you motioned to me

To follow you further into the meadow

Where we would walk into the sunset together.


After you took a few steps toward the trees,

You disappeared into the atmosphere.

Though I saw you walk away,

I was not sorrowful.


I yelled into the meadow,

Loud enough for the Angels to hear.

I knew you would listen

Because you have never abandoned me before.


“Father, I yearn for Heaven,

But I know Hell yearns for me.

I shall follow you in my blindness,

Because I live by faith, not by sight.


You are my Savior!

There is no one I love more than you.

I’m ready to do your will

And come home in the end!”


My voice echoed across the meadow.

There was silence.

All I knew was that you heard my call

And you gave me the strength to carry on by faith.


I pray we may meet again soon…